The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge

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Unique design features of the the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge:

The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge was designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also to be fully adjustable for each individual player. Kevin S. Moore has utilized a patented ramp system that allows for precise adjustments and maximizes the transfer of string-to-body vibrations. This improved string-to-body contact gives the instrument exceptional brightness and clarity.

The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge is perfect for independent bass builders looking to set themselves apart and for bass bridge upgrades. An instrument that is retrofitted with the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge will have enhanced characteristics; such as if the instrument tends to sound low and punchy, those characteristic tones will sound clearer and more refine.

All moving components lock into position with a clamping system after final adjustments are made to prevent any part from vibrating loose after extended use. Because the entire bridge is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, the light, durable and very resonant material resists all corrosion and rust, while continually maintaining tonal integrity.

This bridge is far superior to other comparably priced bridges. The revolutionary design is completely unique and can not be compared to other bridges on the market. It has both a "String-Through Body" or" Top Load" design.

* The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge is designed to be retrofitted on many bass guitars. As well as installing the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge on our customers' instruments we also sell new bass guitars with the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge pre-installed. We sell the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge on the following brands of new bass guitars: Ibanez, Spector, BC Rich, Jackson.

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Bridge Specs: View Specs and Dimensions of the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge


Video Clip: Install The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q, Why is the KSM Foundation bridge so expensive?
A, Just like everything else in the market place, price reflects costs. To manufacture the KSM Foundation bridge the machining has to be so precise that the thickness of the anodizing or nickel plating has to be accounted for so that the bridge functions properly. The individual parts must move with out binding or sticking and yet have no gaps so that there is as much sound and feel transferred into the instrument as can be possible.
Just for fun take a drawing of the KSM Foundation bridge to your local machinist and ask him how much it will cost to have him make one for you.

Q, Do I have to drill holes?
A, The bridge will line up with most Fender screw patterns for the center three screws, then the two outer side screws can be drilled to add stability and security by having fresh attachment areas. If you feel uncomfortable with this process please contact a qualified guitar or bass repair person. There are also helpful installation videos on the KSM guitars YouTube channel.

Q,Why not chrome?
A, The KSM Foundation bridge is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum. This is a very strong material with weight benefits and especially sonic benefits. Unfortunately aluminum can not effectively be chromed without the possibility of it flaking off in the future. The nickel plated KSM Foundation bridge blends well will other chrome hardware that is on your bass.

Q,Why not brass?
A, The speed at which sound can travel through aluminum is faster then that of brass. Learn more here  Also, with the larger mass of our bridge brass would make your bass heavier and could become uncomfortable on an already heavy instrument. Because of aluminum's quality the instrument itself becomes more alive.

Q,Why no 6,7,8,9 etc. string versions?
A, The KSM Foundation bridge is a relatively new product and as the demand builds for this bridge the options will increase with time.

Q,Why is the KSM Foundation Bridge not found in part supply stores or big box stores like Guitar Center?
A, This company is very strict in who represents our product.This has been a learning process for us and we have found that the best place for the customer to go, is to the source of the product. We want to deal with questions and issues. Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at we will get back with you ASAP.

Q,Why is there just a few string spacing options?
A, The string spacing that we offer is the measurements found on the most popular basses. We do realize that there are other needs out there, and that is why we have the option of the non slotted saddles, so that you can file in the slot spacing of your preference.

Q,The through body string holes on my Fender American Standard bass do not line up with the bridge?
A,There are many configurations of screw patterns and string through options out there and we have found many possibilities can be achieved with the design we have developed.
The situation concerning the American Standard can be solved by centering the A string through body hole, with the bridge hole for that string. This will allow the other sting holes to have enough string hole area to have the string pass through, although not completely centered on the other string holes. All new mounting holes will need to be drilled. Or if you choose to not use the string through option just line up the regular mounting screws.

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KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridges are available in the following combinations:

* Unslotted saddles allow you to set your own string spacing.

Buy a 4-String KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge


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